Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two More from Yesterday



-Detail of binoculars at Fort Lee Park overlooking the GWB and
-Merging traffic onto (I think) the Henry Hudson Highway North, taken from the bridge. I am ambivalent about this kind of shot. I like the patterns and the b&w contrasts but I miss the depth - it's so 2 dimensional.


  1. I love the details and the composition in both images.. nicely done.

  2. I'm partial to the the merging roads image -- especially in B&W. The close ups and abstract views of ordinary things are some of my favorite pics.

  3. My work is based around engineering and design, and that is why I really appreciate the parking meter shot. I love all good old fashioned well designed hardware and machinery. This image highlights the beauty and quality very well. Nicely framed or cropped, and great exposure.

  4. Thanks Bill, it's actually one of those tourist attraction binoculars like this one :

    But yes, they are interesting designs.

    I try to do minimal cropping, but whatever it takes to get the final image I want. With practice and patience I'm getting better at framing it properly at exposure, but sometimes the limitations of the lens or the need to get the shot quickly make it necessary to crop later.