Friday, August 26, 2011

Paramus Mini-Golf

For my kids again, just some fun shots at the mini-golf course...

Entrance to the golf course on Paramus Rd.

Fiberglass Blues Brothers figures looking on the mini-golf hut.

Does she need an introduction?

Bruce & friends (it's New Jersey, whaddya expect?)

These things must have a name, a hard surface for writing scores on scorecards.

That's the GWB in the background, too shallow DOF.

Come on, come on, hole in one...grrrr.

Add it up.

Update: After all that work, I decided I don't really like these in B&W. Too dark & heavy.  Don't be surprised if they're replaced by color sometime tonight...

Update 2: Done!


  1. American mini-golf always looks great fun. The courses are so much better than some of the pittiful English ones. I hope you let your boys beat you.

  2. I am the scorekeeper/photographer, so I don't normally play. I do coach them a little (I'm not a golfer but some of it is common sense and general dexterity).

    They are usually over-the-top themed golf courses here. I remember as a child playing in a huge (at the time) dinosaur-themed park at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. For a kid it was impressive :-)

  3. I will always love that Simpsons episode with the mini golf tournament. and George Washingtons swinging legs... still makes me giggle.

  4. cool shots ... I love Paramus it was our out of NYC adventure every other week =) By the way I don't play golf either I just hit and lose the little white ball.

  5. My kids love the idea of the suburbs and the country. They want to move there. I grew up in the country, and never want to go back to that...