Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Hurricane" Irene

Looking over the Hudson River to the Palisades

Just a quickie,  here. There's still a fine, misty precipitation blowing in all directions, making it difficult to shoot anything at this point. Not even the building awnings provide any protection from the lens getting sprayed.

Tried to capture the swaying tree limbs, but the wind really isn't that strong, and even at this shutter speed the subjects are a little soft...


  1. On enlargement, I can see the movement in the leaves at the end of the branches; although I imagine you probably wanted to capture more of that. I think that would be difficult, without locking your camera down. She has that slightly wind-braced stance though, and I think her jacket it spray moistened. I like the misty background over the wall edge.

    I saw a great shot somewhere of someone trying to control their inside-out umbrella in a storm. I don't think I would take my camera out in that kind of weather though.

  2. Yeah, I tried shooting at even lower shutter speeds and stronger winds in the afternoon, still didn't get the dramatic effect I was looking for.