Tuesday, August 30, 2011


PPAS Banner

Morning Stars & Stripes

Went in to work today, a week early, to start setting up my room. Of course I had to take some pictures first, and wanted to continue the theme I started yesterday, this time in color from around my school.

I was inspired by (some might say ripped off) Robert Caplin's Urban Sunshine, which Gerry recommended and I really like that style, at least in small doses. Anyway, he didn't invent the idea, but he puts it to good use - it's another set of lighting conditions that presents some nice opportunities to photograph interesting things.

I'm not crazy about the greenery in that first picture, but the only way I could get a decent angle on the banner was to step back and include the tree.


  1. I love the second image, the blue sky and the under exposed buildings and how the flag is neatly in the middle. Well done Mike ...

  2. I think the second shot has more impact, although the first shot has that Urban sunshine idea of partial sunlighting and shadowing. I think you should do more of these. I imagine NYC provides a good backdrop for these images.

    I think you should warm up the sunlight too. Give it a bit more orange light. Either shoot with a cloudy white balance, or add it post process. Low sun colours will make buildings warm and sunny.

  3. Thanks guys, and good point Bill - I didn't even notice that the top picture is actually on the cool/blue side (most noticeable in the shadows), this is morning light, which tends to be more blue, so I should probably come out earlier and accentuate the blue, or take it in the late afternoon for warmth. I really took that one to post on facebook as a reminder to my students that the time is near :-)