Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dinosaur Model

Dinosaur Models

It rained ALL day in the city so no new photos.

This is from a 2005 exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Can't remember the details, just a lot of what appears to be aluminum models of dinosaur skeletons.

Taken with my old Canon A80 point & shoot.


  1. Nice pic -- like the B&W as well as the abstract nature of this pic

  2. That is nice I like the abstract feel of it and your B&Ws look great !!!

  3. Beautiful lines and curves. Lovely form throughout. Perfect for B&W.

  4. Thanks! The scene itself was pretty much B&W tones, other than the colors of the lights reflecting off the metal, so it was no stretch to just make it so. And of course emphasis is on the form, so weird colors would be a distraction...