Saturday, August 20, 2011

190th Street Subway Station

190th Street Subway Station

Feeling a little lazy today! I shot this around noon, should have waited for some people to come out, but I'm still trying to overcome that discomfort about shooting strangers. Next weekend I'm going on a group photo walk downtown, maybe that will give me some cover to break through that barrier. Tomorrow I'm taking my kids to a Lego event, so I could take some people shots there.

I may go out again this evening, but even if I do, I may not have the time to process and post it tonight, so here's today's shot. It's one of those things I believe you just have to have in your collection if you live in New York, a shot of a subway entrance!

On a side note, I am a teacher by profession, so I have the summer off. Most summers I spend a lot of this "free" time brushing up on my content area and preparing curriculum, lessons, labs, etc. for the coming year. This year I felt a little burned out and just needed to not think about school for a while, so that lead me to this photography project. Once September hits and I'm back into the school year, I expect my photo production to plummet. Or maybe not, we'll see. Since I work in Midtown, there will be a lot of opportunities.

This summer I have largely limited myself to my neighborhood in Washington Heights. It's a good exercise in looking carefully for interesting photos in a world that is in some ways too familiar. Everything seems mundane, so you have to try to look at things differently.


  1. Nice shot! Just love images of windows, doors, and just about any architecture.

    And yes, the school year is about to begin however we're sure you can keep feeding the blog. Between new pics and your summer stock we hope you continue on the blog journey with us :)

  2. Interesting architecture for a subway station. Nothing like London's stations at all. It seems to be built into a huge stone wall. Is this a small exit and small station?

    You do need to get some busy people usung those doors. (it's easy shooting commuters, they are all in such a hurry that they don't realise they are your subject). Even if they see you pointing their camera, they just zoom on by. lol

    I enjoy your snaps from your side of the pond. I have always had an interest in New York, even though I have never visited (yet). New York is the one place I would head for (with my cameras).

  3. New York City up here in the "Heights" (Washington Heights) has a lot of exposed bedrock, into which the subway station tunnel at 190th was built. Upon entering these doors you have to walk about a 75 meters or so to the subway platform, through a tunnel that had to be cut through the bedrock (shist). We're at the bottom here of a pretty large hill - an elevator can take you up to Ft. Washington Avenue where there's another entrance.

    Hard to explain, I'll show you when you come to NY!

    And I pass by here every Saturday, so I'll take my time next week and wait form some action.