Friday, August 12, 2011

Moon over GWB Bus Terminal

Moon over GWB Bus terminal

Well this is a lot harder than it looks! Lens flare, washed out moon. Probably connected. There was an earlier time when the moon was lower on the horizon before the rest of the sky got too dark and the moon was not so bright, but at that time I couldn't find anything to juxtapose - it's quite challenging to find the right place at the right time! Moon sets over the Hudson River, GWB, or Palisades tomorrow AM, will try again if I can get up early.


  1. Mike I like the shot... and you are right its not that easy to do. Great composition.

  2. Nice shot Mike. Like how you positioned the moon and the light effect round the moon. Looking forward to the 'moon set over the Hudson' shot this weekend.

  3. Well done, nice urban night time shot. You said you were going out to shoot the moon! It is incredibly difficult to get this right isn't it? You need a slow shutter speed for correct exposure of the buildings, but then that lets too much light in for the old moon! That's the same problem I had with my church and moon shot.
    You shot still looks really good, and has a ghostly quality about it, which I like a lot.

    I wonder if it's possible to use a really good fill flash to throw a small amount of light on the buildings.

    I think that some people combine two separate shots in photoshop to fix the problem, but that sounds like too much hard work to me LOL.

    I haven't seen the moon in England for a while, as it has been on of the rainiest summers I can remember.

  4. Thanks all! :-)

    I could try the flash, and there's also that HDR technique in PS, which I played with once a long time ago - not much work, but can have an unnatural look sometimes.

    The flare is the bigger problem...

    And I thought rainy summers were the norm in England :-)

  5. well this is even more rainy than ever! Maybe I will do some clouds and rain photography. hehehe