Thursday, July 19, 2012

IS 143

IS 143

In memory of Ronnie Pappas, my assistant principal for a number of years (and principal after I left), who tragically and suddenly passed away this week, much too soon.

515 West 182nd Street is a rather unattractive building. I've walked by here several times looking for an angle, a beneficial light, anything to get an image of the school that was my second home for so many years, but nothing I've produced struck me as worth posting.

Fortunately, a school is not a building but a community of people, and in that sense IS 143 was a beautiful place that I worked in for about 15 years, give or take. I was this week reminded of the true spirit of a school as the community came together to remember, mourn, celebrate, and honor Ms. Pappas, who dedicated so much of her life to this school.

And so even though this shot is a pretty predictable and even clichéd composition, it captures the defining characteristics of the building, and in the parallel lines converging toward the heavens, I see a certain symbolism that works for me on this day.

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