Friday, July 20, 2012


Hostas 2

So we finally got a break here in NY from the heat wave, a dramatic one at that. We had a high temperature today of 73F (23C) after a week in the 90's (on Wednesday it was 98F (37C).

Anyway, a stroll through a rather wet Ft. Tryon Park this morning yielded this shot of the water beading on the leaves of a hosta. Best observed on flickr full-screen mode.

UPDATE: By the morning light I see that s.c.'s comment was well taken, and revised the contrast & exposure.  The original is still posted on flickr for comparison.


  1. Wow! This is one gorgeous composition, Michael. Comparable in my view to works by Edward Weston and Minor White.

  2. Great shot, perhaps a little to gray .

  3. Thanks George! I'm familiar with the Weston reference, don't know much about Minor White (yet).

    s.c., point well taken, I don't know why it looked right last night...

  4. Love this image, Mike. Nice composition and the water droplets make it for me.

  5. This is great. You always amaze me how you can be taking a picture of a industrial concrete or rusty steel image on one day; then on a another you grab a shot of the perfection of nature.

    The texture of the leaves must have such a (dare I say) rubbery surface to collect and space out those droplets so evenly.

  6. Ha Micheal. This one has a lot more power as I can see it. I admire the way that you always try to get a clean composition with a minimum of distracting components and colors.No fuzzy or foggy spots in your pictures. I just shoot around with interest in to much subjects and cannot reach a kind of personal signature in my own photo's as I see clearly in yours. But I keep trying.