Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inwood Park & Salt Marsh

Inwood Park 1

Inwood Park 8

Inwood Park 2

Inwood Park 3

Inwood Park 4

Inwood Park 5

Low tide created some interesting patterns with the water and the mud. Also revealed a child's scooter. I imagine a certain degree of sadness over that one.

The tennis and basketball courts are being renovated. Not yet open or complete, the colors are about as deep as they will ever be. I had to shoot through the chain-link fence, so my ability to get a good angle was limited.

Inwood Park 6

Inwood Park 7


  1. I love the two color shots. Number 4 could be a real Gatton without the building and part of the water above. Perhaps also number 2. In number 3 the scooter has to much detail for me that distracts.

  2. A quiet stillness is imbued by each of these images. Nice placement of elements within the frame - A Michael Gatton trademark - impeccable composition.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I also shot # 4 without the background, just the snake-like channel, but it doesn't work to my eye. Something about the light perhaps - even in the picture posted you can see the foreground is considerably darker than the middle, and if you crop that background out, it's a bit odd looking.

  4. Nice shots, Mike. Of course my favorites are the last two -- love the colors and the composition.