Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Human Scale

Sometimes it's the last-second, what-the-hell-why-not shot that you wind up liking. Of course in hindsight I should have taken a few more seconds to compose it a little better, but it will do for now. I was just reading something earlier this week about the importance of including people just to give a sense of scale, and this is a step. That random beam sticking up there is apparently some kind of extremely minimalist sculpture - not a flag pole or anything else of any discernible practical use. There is a bit of graffiti near the top that some intrepid soul applied - that's about 10-15 meters up:

And yes, the sky and clouds really were that color (looking away from the bridge, where the sun was setting to the west).


  1. Yes the first photo gives a good impression of scale for the bridge as for the pole or whatever it is. I also like that branches of the tree goes parallel with some cables of the bridge . As photographer with a mind for mathematical rhythms the crossing of the fence with the woodwork of the bench must also have played a role . The last picture I don't know except the color.

  2. Thanks s.c., I didn't notice (consciously) the branches but you are right about that. I included the second shot for illustrative purposes, not much to look at otherwise.