Thursday, July 4, 2013

After a Long Hiatus...

IAC Building
I spent the spring semester pretty immersed in work. The few pictures I took were either school related (performances and proms and such) or stressed-out, rushed, half-hearted attempts at my usual stuff. So nothing good, really. With summer here I'm slowly working back into it.

I am also completely pissed at Flickr - their revamped interface is a total train wreck. So I am switching over to 500px, and reducing the number of pics I post. I will migrate a few of my older photos as well, perhaps a little updated. I won't delete anything from flickr, since I have so many images linked from there, but I won't be adding anything new or renewing my "pro" account. My school photography club will also continue with their free service.


  1. Welcome back Michael. Your start is already a good one again. Pity about flickr but there are other possibilities as you already found out.

  2. Thanks s.c., good to be back, if at a slower pace.