Sunday, July 28, 2013

GWB at Night

I'm pretty happy with this one - I mean, it's just a pretty picture of a bridge,  but I took a chance and went out late in the evening when it was getting dark and still raining and just hoped it would stop at the right time or my umbrella would keep the rain from blowing in onto my lens, and I lucked out.

This is on a tripod with 25 sec exposure. I had actually shot this scene the night before hand held (at higher ISO, faster shutter, and larger aperture), but the only one that came out sharp was badly composed with a slanted horizon too close to the bottom of the frame. So tonight I knew what I was looking for and when to go for it. Unfortunately I forgot the bug spray and got eaten up by mosquitoes or some such blood-sucking pest.

But, horizontal or vertical?


  1. Tough question. By looking at both. I first say great pictures again. Then that I think that the vertical one fills the photo better in composition. It gives also a little more depth in it. Well done Micheal.

  2. I think maybe the vertical one catches more light and reflection--sense of interesting surfaces. But there's more going on in the sky in the vertical. I like both a lot!

  3. Agree with both of you after a few days to consider them. I like the sky in the horizontal, but the lines from the bridge at this angle seem to demand a vertical composition...