Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cobblestone at the Cloisters

I've shot this driveway before in exaggerated high-contrast. This one is around sundown, on a tripod. I would like to shoot this  from a higher vantage point but there's nothing anywhere nearby to stand on. A lone human somewhere would be nice too.

A little rant. I was also chased off by security who barked "no photography allowed" at me. WTF?  I took a few steps back and set up my tripod on a public sidewalk and clicked away at the exterior of the building - shots that I knew were for nothing, I just wanted to see if the guard would confront me again, but he never reappeared.

Next day I called the museum. Photography is allowed inside the building, I was told, but not outside "for security reasons," like if I were planning a burglary or something. Seriously. I mean, security stopped me after I had very openly taken several shots on a tripod. I've been there dozens of times before in different parts of the exterior shooting pictures and no one has ever said anything to me.

There is no sign anywhere regarding photography, and no information on the museum website pertaining to exterior photography. If I were planning a robbery I would have had what I needed a long time ago. The place is surrounded by public sidewalks where I am free to shoot as much as I want and they have no say about it - it's the law in the US.

I don't mind the idea of security precautions, but the stupidity makes my head explode.

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  1. But a nice bend it is. About security they are sometimes so frustated that they pick the wrong turn in letting off steam. That is a big problem in this branche i think.