Saturday, November 17, 2012

November Days

IS 218

Staring with color and from today, a battered sign outside the IS 218 school yard.

On to the B&W...also from today. I always liked the sheer size and old-fashioned look of this sign on Broadway near 187th Street.

Sophia Bros.

And a couple from earlier in the week


And this one has to be in color to capture the glorious algae growing in the busted O--N section under the word "Wash."

Car Wash


  1. You are really coming into a flow here. Like them all.

  2. As a photo project, the sheer number and variety of signs in NYC would put me in a quandary - so many to shoot! I like the variety in scale and type you've chosen. How does a sign like the top one get subjected to so much abuse?

  3. I like these signs, it's always nice to come back later and look at them again. Some are still there, some are gone... I remember gathering the alphabet through street signs to help a friend in her assignment (she was allowed to seek help... :-)