Saturday, November 3, 2012

Clouds O'er NYC

Looking South at NYC Skyline

Northeasterly Toward the Bronx

GWB Clouds
West Toward  GWB, New Jersey

Castle Village Roofs
North-ish Toward Tappan Zee Area.

All taken from my roof this afternoon, playing around with the telephoto in some of these, one obviously from the wide-angle.


  1. Beautiful black and whites. Very clear shots with great contrast. Here you can see that you are standing on a high standpoint because by looking south you look over the most apartment buildings. The last picture with the nearly black sky and the sunny facade is really stunning as is the sky looking direction bronx. Pity that in the direction of the bridge a big building is spoiling the composition. But still great shots.

  2. Stunning images. Some very powerful black and white processing. Are you using Lightroom/PhotoShop with any plug-ins? These have that amazing contrast you usually get from plug-ins like Silver Efex pro. I have Always loved city scape images of New York City, and these are superb.

    More Please !!!

  3. Ditto to what s.c. and Bill had to say, Michael. I haven't done b&w since my darkroom days years ago but you're certainly inspiring me to give it try in this digital age. You've shown what's possible with images like these. Yow!

  4. These are very beautiful in black and white. I really like the mix of mid tones in the first one and the sunlight on the buildings in the last one. Very dramatic skies too that really work in black and white. I process landscapes into black and white but I haven't done it with dramatic skies so I shall give it a go! Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Thanks all.

    s.c. - about the building, that reminds me of a discussion I once read, about trying to eliminate all signs of modernity in photos of old castles in Europe, or all signs of civilization from landscape photography- like cars, people, etc. There's a certain sentimentality in that approach...but understandable.

    Bill - I am a rank amateur at post processing, I do shoot raw, then fumble around with the sliders in lightroom and PS until it looks right, but no plugins.

    George - it's not as hard as it might look, go for it!

    Sliceoflondonlife - these are post-Sandy skies, nice to look at, but also reminder of what happened. Recovery is proceeding slowly in many parts of the city/state.