Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Discontent

Winter Park


I'm still not feeling it lately, but I don't want to go too long without posting something. I'm just not seeing anything I want to shoot. Maybe I need to go back to some of the exercises I worked on this summer with color, texture, and so on. Or maybe I just need to get away to a different neighborhood. It is my first winter trying to sustain photographic output on a regular basis, so maybe it's just a product of the season.


  1. Still it shows your look at things in a way not a lot of people can do. Good composition and a picture that make you look a little time longer. I recommend you to read Photography and desire on the weblog Conscientious Extended to find on ( Don't know how to make a link in this reply). Hope that you go on with photographing. Like to see it.

  2. Thanks s.c., and thanks for the link. I actually found his post on "Photography & Trust" to be even more apropos of what I've been feeling and recommend it to all. Not stopping :-)

  3. Great shots. The light and composition in the first one is beautiful. Well done!

  4. I understand your 'not feeling it'. Sometimes I wander around my own neighbourhood with that 'photographer's block'. Things become so familiar that they seem to be undeserving of attention. Sometimes, I jump on a local train, and get off at a random stop not too far from home. Go visit a place which you have taken for granted; a place which you have assumed will hold nothing of photographic value. Surprises are always found just around the corner.

    In your case... get on your bike LOL.

    But keep up the good work, because your detailed photographs are always appreciated by myself and others.