Monday, January 2, 2012

The Black & White Rural





The last of the upstate series. It's nice to have the opportunity to see a different world and contrast it with the city, it sort of refreshes the senses. I'm happy to be back, though.

I grew up in a world more like upstate NY (not so mountainous, but equally rural) and I always wanted to get away to the "city" - although at the time the small town near where I lived, population 20,000, was my idea of a city.

After about a day up there I'm always itching to leave.


  1. These images remind me of Walker Evens shots ... Very nice Mike.. I love them

  2. Equally adept in b/w & color and rural & urban - Impressive!

  3. Commenting on the whole series of winter images... I have to say that you really have captured the cold of winter, and the natural feel of rural life.

    Love the chopped logs. I took some images of something like that in an English forest last year. I love the texture of sawn timber and bark.