Saturday, January 21, 2012

In the Snow

Sebastian in the Snow
Sebastian in the Snow

Terrence with Board

Fort Tryon Park

I've been in a bit of a photographic funk lately, mostly from mental fatigue and having so little time to shoot. Even though we had a nice snowfall today, I had no drive to go out, until my kids wanted to go to the local park to sled/snowboard late this afternoon. So I followed them out with my camera to take a few.

The first shot is my favorite, Sebastian giving me a bit of the evil eye while lying on his "sled" in the snow. The middle shot is my experimentation with B&W flash, plus some added vignetting as inspired by Bill Wellham. Most of those were for the kinds of snapshots the kids may look back at one day and enjoy, but not anything I want to display publicly :-) The last one is mostly for context - we got about 4 inches today...


  1. The flash works really well on that particular shot... it really brings out his excited expression.

    Snow can be difficult to expose correctly sometimes... You seem to have got it down though. The last shot is perfectly exposed with bunches of good strong contrast. (I am a high contrast kind of guy LOL).

  2. I have the feeling it looks also colder in B&W and surely with harsh flash light. Hope your fatigue will be over soon.

  3. Like Bill, I also like the high contrast. Seems to me your experiments were a success. Glad the kids got you outdoors and behind the camera again!

  4. you got some good shots Mike, snow can be tricky but you seem to breeze by it ... like Bill Im also a lover of high contrast makes the images pop