Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warm Light, Cold Day





Very cold and windy day, today, barely lasted 15 minutes out there shooting and had to come back in to put my heaviest down-filled winter coat on. These are all from literally "my" back yard, overlooking the Hudson and the GWB. I say "my" in quotation marks because it's part of my co-op.

But I'm pretty lucky to live here, in more ways than one. We moved to the "Heights" before the real estate up here went through the roof, just as some rent stabilization laws were being phased out, making downtown unaffordable for people who had lived there for decades, and making this neighborhood a next logical bargain, temporarily, not so much any more.  


  1. What a great setting to have at your disposal for taking pictures - not to mention the entire island of Manhattan. You've really captured that golden afternoon light I remember from visits back there.

  2. I love the warm feel to all the photos Mike...its amazing how creative you are at shooting the GWB... I wish I could shoot that well in 15 mins lol good job

  3. Beautiful pictures again. And what a light. The bridge has something strange. The form is for a stone bridge like the brooklyn bridge but made of a steel construction like meccano. Still very pleasant to look at. Also the combination of the round stone balusters with the steel railing has something detonating.

  4. Thanks Guys :-)

    s.c. - I read somewhere that the bridge was originally designed to be covered with granite tiles, which I have a hard time imagining, but they liked the look of the steel itself and abandoned the tiles idea. It scares me to think of those tiles getting old and breaking loose...

    Gerry - the light was right, and I've shot back there before so I kinda knew what I was after already :-)

    George - agreed, Manhattan is awesome, but the small town/rural setting has different and equally great opportunities.

  5. Nice series. That warm light is gorgeous. I like the style of the bridge structure. The tower sections are strangely 'meccano' styled, as S.C. said; but they look great, even if they were orginally meant to be hidden. Much better for photography too, as they let light bleed through them.

    I also really like the first image. Nice close shadow play. I think this would look great hanging on a wall and maybe in a large square format.