Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NJ Transit Bus

Another wide angle from yesterday, this time with more dramatic motion blur. Composition still needs some work. Maybe the bridge isn't the best place for this kind of shot - the bridge elements are distracting.

Also note the sky here, about 10 minutes or so before yesterday's post.


  1. Oh, the bridge provides a nice static framework, I don't see it as that much distracting. That the upper right edge of the bus optically touches the cable, this is maybe a bit distracting. But I like the image!

  2. My last did not get through... What was I saying about this picture? Probably that I liked it a lot but that the first 1/5 or the picture was a little bit disturbing for the rest of it which is excellent... did I say that?

    1. I didn't get any earlier comment, but I see what you mean about the first 1/5th of the frame. Thanks!