Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loosening Up

Sometimes I just need to turn off my brain and take pictures. I need to put the fun back in  photography and not take myself so seriously.

In that spirit, I have finally joined the instagram crowd. This will be a place to post casual photography, snapshots, and all the stuff that is just fun to shoot. For now they will mostly be from my cell phone, since that's the only way I know to get pics to instagram, and the easiest tool for walking around and snapping casual photos - no feeling conspicuous or self-conscious because of a big SLR. At the moment blogger is not allowing me to embed pics directly from instagram, not sure why.

This picture is from a little playground with a giant sculpture overlooking the Queensboro Bridge. Just a snapshot, but I like the two people sitting apart from one another - I wish the one on the left were not in the shade...

Follow me, I will follow you...


  1. Wauu, what a nice perspective. Very lovely photo, great shot.

  2. And construction mixing with construction. Gives it more then just a snapshot. Go on looks very promising.