Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Playing with the ultrawide today, I like the distorted, elongated effect on the 18-wheeler. Storm moving in from the north (left side of the photo if that's not obvious).


  1. Wonderful sky with coming storm.
    Lovely photo.

  2. Then the photo was made in the morning by having a red sky in the east. Was the back of the truck moving to fast to captured properly because everything else looks sharp or is it something else?

  3. Evening sky, actually. Sun sets towards the northwest this time of year, so it's blocked by clouds behind me but still illuminating the sky to the south. Storm is probably not from due north anyway. Also, the bridge does not run directly east-west, but more WNW-ESE, so in the end the west side of the bridge is covered in clouds already before the east side of the bridge.

    Motion blur was intentional, but probably should be more pronounced so that it looks intentional - see today's entry later. The timing for this kind of shot is surprisingly difficult - if the truck is any further from the edge of the frame you lose a lot of the desired distortion (and it's too small as well).

  4. It's a storm speaking picture!

    P.S. I meant the "fourteen Stations of the Cross" Michael, sorry for the typo.