Saturday, December 15, 2012


Treescapes 1

Treescapes 4

Treescapes 3

Treescapes 2

I've been under the weather lately, and extra busy at work as well (why do those two things always seeem to go hand-in-hand?)

Anyway, a reasonably nice day today for walking around. Went into Inwood Hill Park where there are some really nice old trees. I believe they are the only remaining trees in Manhattan that are of preserved natural forest from the time before Europeans arrived (not any particular tree is that old, but the forest is not man-made and was never cleared.)

I have no idea how to capture the majesty of the individual trees, so I went with my usual detail shots.


  1. What a great shots again and i am glad that you didn't remoqved the color. Very strong serie of structures. Wow Micheal you really got it in your fingers.

  2. Beautiful nature made patterns... I am always intrigued and marveled by these textures and trying to connect with trees is so rewarding.

  3. Great texture and detail. I love tree bark.

  4. These work really well as a set of four; each has its own texture, while the similarity in format runs through. Nice work.

  5. And I know what you mean about capturing the majesty of a large tree. Just framing them in the viewfinder diminishes them, somehow. Ansel Adams could do it, but he used large plate cameras which must have helped. He also had assistants to carry the equipment!