Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Three From The River

Life Feeds on Decay

Stepping Stones

River Boulders

Tripod, telephoto, small aperture. Still not as much depth of field as I would like in the last shot. Probably needed to get closer and use less tele, but see below about the freaking cold. I like the results from using a tripod, but man do you have to slow down and take fewer shots and be committed to what you are shooting because fiddling with all the knobs and adjustments on the tripod is such a hassle.

Discovered the zoom feature in live view mode for manual focusing is quite nice. Also need to remember that live view is practically 100% view - I'm used to allowing a little play around the edges when using the viewfinder, so the tip of the log in #1 is cut off. Too cold, though, today. Even with gloves my fingers were frozen after a brief time by the river - wind chill, mainly.


  1. Lovely natural colours coming from the rock, rust, timber and water. I agree tripod work takes patience... even more so when doing this kind of photography.

  2. Great shots again. Pity it is so cold but you see nothing of that. Only sharpness and fabulous colors.

  3. Beautiful shots. It was worth breaking out the tripod for. And you are very dedicated for braving the cold ;-)