Friday, December 28, 2012

Bridge Apartments


Bridge 1

Bridge 3

First one shot from the shady side, the second two from the sunny side. Still cold today, but at least clear, sunny skies. The blue here is intense, I actually tried to tone it down a bit...

(And yes, the third one is square!)


  1. Is that coloured glass? Or is it coloured painted walls behind? I am actually a balcony designer, and have done several projects with coloured glass in UK.

    Nice perspective on shot #1. Incredible blue sky. We rarely get sky like that in overcast old England.

  2. What a little paint can do. Le Corbusier did it already in Marseille. Or is it reflected light from the vertical facade behind. Intruiging and nice architectural shots . For me one and two give the most interesting picture and three is to balanced to catch the brain of the viewer. Still great shots again in the ever growing book of mg pictures.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. The balconies are concrete, the fronts are metal mesh of some sort. In some balconies the ceilings are clearly painted, in others it looks more like reflected colors from the walls.

  4. The first shot describes pretty well the building, nicer painted than grey...:-)