Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tire & Dead Weed

Tire & Weeds

I've been in and out of commission the last few days, once out of town and once just distracted by life. Upstate again this week walking around on a cloudy dull gray day doing some "studies." I like the composition & subject here but the focus is not sharp and the deep shadow is completely lacking in detail, even in the RAW file. A lot of my shots from here have the same problem, I had to much faith in my ability to hand hold at 400 iso late in the day on a cloudy afternoon. The second picture below would normally be my first choice, but I've been trying to get more context into my shots (with a little nudging from Gerry).

Tire Detail


  1. I like the second one more. Perhaps because it is not so crowded with blurring background.

  2. Mike, I'm with you and S.C...... I also like the close up shot the best. Of course, like you, I like the detail shots!

  3. Nice shots Mike =) Im happy that you thinking about me when you shoot, I feel good. One question if you are at ISO 400 and your shutter is too slow why not bump up the ISO? I would rather have a noise image then one out of focus because of slow shutter... with that said both these images look great to me. Im drawn to the second image You have an amazing eye, keep working on it you are doing great.

  4. I think photographing black rubber with details has to be a bit tricky. Manual focus may be needed. Choosing the correct iso and exposure may take a few shots. (maybe try bracketing function with iso steps and shutter speed steps). I think a little noise is okay, and I think a DSLR can do 800 fine. Although I don't often cart a tripod around with me, I do sometimes carry a small monopod with a ball joint adapter in my backpack. It really helps with additional support in these situations, but you'd have to get your old elbows on the ground!

    All that said... I like both shots. I like the subject matter, and I know why you like it too.