Monday, February 20, 2012

An Early Evening Stroll




Ft. Tryon Park, Cloisters Museum. The sun has set but the sky to the west is still casting enough light to hand-hold with some concentration...


  1. Really rich combination of dark grays to black that capture detail while evoking a moody ambience of waning daylight. Love the lamp lights, particularly the reflections on the bench slats. Superb images.

  2. The photo of the benches is the best I think, also very, very dark not only in reality but also in expression.

  3. Nice job Mike, you did an amazing job hand holding the last shot. What shutter speed did you shoot that at. I love the dark images... true what S.C said I like the dark expression as well. How do you manage to get shots with no people in them, do you try to do that or is it the time of day you take the images. I love them by the way.

  4. Great images, Mike. The benches is my favorite... love the play of the light from the lamp posts playing off the dark of the benches. Very nice!