Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Foot Bridge

Foot Bridge Barrier

This bridge passes over an Amtrak line down by the GWB/Hudson River. My last posting from Sunday and probably the last of these perspective shots with the rather extreme converging parallel lines - I think I'm done playing with that for now - I've shot a lot of them that never got posted :-)

I would have liked a little less extreme angle, but I wanted the light to hit the structure in the way it does here, and this was the only way to get that effect. A horizontal orientation that takes in more of the pathway might have been nice except for the ugly metal police barricades placed along the length of either side of the walkway - in hindsight that might have been an interesting shot as well. Next time.


  1. Mike you have some outstanding shots here... Sorry for not commenting on them ... I just started working in a none photography job so its taking up so much of my time... I know how difficult it is to shoot and post and comment. You got some great shots in the last couple of days... I love your black and white work... its so crisp ....

  2. I admit with Gerry. Real good shots and they remind me a little of the construction shots of the thirties.

  3. Thanks guys, and no worries, Gerry, been there. Best of luck/success in your job :-)