Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Part 1

Tear Down This Wall
Tear Down This Wall

Love Joy Peace

Eat the Rich
A Modest Proposal?

Liberty & Trinity
Liberty & Trinity

Got my first cold of the school year, always happens around this time, so not feeling that great. Nevertheless, I wanted to get downtown to the demonstration, mainly as a show of support, but while I was there I might as well document some of the action.

It was lively but peaceful, a ragtag bunch of people from various walks of life, but of course it's the hard-core that the media will focus on, the colorful characters, the dirty hippies, the anarchists. Never mind why NOW is the time they are rallying and sustaining a prolonged action that is growing and spreading, and now is the time middle class, middle-aged, bland, vanilla guys like me want to be involved. The rich have too much power and they're just getting more and more with no brakes in sight.

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  1. You're totally right. Some people are getting richer 'because' of a world recession. The governments have created a framework which allows and fosters (encourages) this whole ideal of attainment of wealth and power for the minority, at the beheft of the struggling majority.

    Even the world banking 'situation' doesn't seem to change anything.