Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inaugural Exhibition

Inaugural Exhibit

I've been very busy this week setting up the first exhibit of the photography club at my school. I had a couple of students working just as hard to help make it happen, but really it looks so simple and straight forward yet it represents a tremendous amount of work.

We had about 60 photos, (the opposite wall has an additional 20 or so pics) which had to be formatted for printing, uploaded to the printer (MPIX - Very nice quality at a good price*), then matted and framed. Add two solid hours for three people (two colleagues & me) to lay out and organize the pictures and then mount them on the walls, add labels, and all-in-all an exhausting final day of prep.

But well worth it and I'm looking forward to doing it again - with some adjustments. The next step is to make each student (or teacher - for this exhibit teachers & staff were also invited to participate) responsible for getting his/her picture done all the way through to the framing. We'll get there eventually.

*I also used Adoramapix in a rush on some of the pics, because I could pick them up locally at the store in NYC,  in a one-day turnaround - they're also a bit cheaper, though the colors of the prints are not quite as rich, a little more subtle, which may be preferable in some cases.  I didn't like their B&W work at all, though. MPIX was clearly better on that front. But Adorama is otherwise a reasonable option for sure. 


  1. Nice to see and what a blue color on the wall. Is that to keep the kids quiet ?

  2. Hey s.c., I don't know why they chose this color, it's used in the stairwells and this hallway, but otherwise it's mostly softer colors...

  3. Congrats on a successful exhibit! Your hard work has paid off and it shows with the large number of images being shown in the exhibit. It's great you are able to combine your love of photography with other teachers and students and are encouraging them to explore this artist medium. Hope the show is a great success.

  4. I want to be in photography club! :(

  5. Hey Emma! Don't see why we couldn't have an alumni presence in some future exhibit! :-)