Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue Brick Wall

Blue Brick Wall

Continuing my hunt for the wild color opportunity, I ventured into a different neighborhood with a somewhat less muted color palette.

I missed altogether yesterday, although I did take a few shots. I went out a little too late in the day and there just wasn't enough light. I think it's the first day I've missed posting something since I started. I'll post a second shot today to make up for it. I expect to stockpile a lot of stuff on the weekends from here on out that I can post during the week if times are tough.

I did look through my old folders to see if there was anything I had shot in the past that would fit the assignment to shoot color, and was a little surprised that I had absolutely nothing, except for a couple of shots from the summer that I already posted. Which tells me the value of this exercise in opening my mind to the possibilities. All summer I've gone out to just shoot whatever strikes my fancy and missed a lot of things for lack of openness.

It's been said that all children are artists, and most of us learn how not to think like artists as we grow up. The fortunate ones are able to hold on to that child-like perception of the world while still being able to function in the day-to-day practical world. I have to learn the hard way how to recapture that ability.


  1. I like these colours. Nice and muted. This a ood simple collage of different textures and tones. Good assignment.