Sunday, September 18, 2011

Assignment: Texture

Crackled Wood
Crackled Wood

Like the color assignment, where the idea was not to shoot things that have color, but to shoot the color of things, this week I will be shooting the textures of things. A subtle but important distinction. Unlike color, where I was limited by the omission of black, white, gray, & beige as colors and looking for big bold colors, here any texture goes.  I can't complain that my neighborhood doesn't have a lot of texture!

Like everything else, it's harder than it looks. It gets a little boring if everything is completely abstract, so including something for context/contrast/scale is often helpful, I think. The dried up grass seed head was in the original scene when I found it but I did have to move it out of the shadows.

1 comment:

  1. Nice assignment... I think this should be easier than your last color test. This heavily weathered timber is great start. The diagonal shadows lend a three dimensional aspect, as if knowing there is something unseen but interacting.

    Good idea about the feather for scale, although I am not sure how big a bird you plucked it from LOL.