Saturday, September 17, 2011

Assignment: 20 Shots

Hydrant & Alarm

Sounds like a drinking game, a foolish one for sure. But the idea is to pick a relatively mundane object, like a fire hydrant, a dumpster, a car, a kitchen sink - and take 20 pictures, to really get to know the object and, the way I see it, to practice patience and staying with it.

I did have to overcome the feeling like a fool part of it as people walked by, but I did it. I am posting some of the pictures that I think came out pretty good, plus the first one below just for context. The last one is familiar, but I dialed down the depth of field as much as possible to make it more interesting, I hope. Three of the shots in fact were taken at 1.8, I think.

The last one is in black and white only because there were a couple of annoying drips of red & green paint that were just too distracting.

This first one is also in black & white because of the single splash of green being a nuisance in the planter.

Update: I added another one that I missed before.

For context

The entire block of hydrants is missing caps.

Corroded Base

Almost forgot this one...

Shallow depth of field, cap

Black & white birds-eye view

The sun was in and out as I took the pictures, which partially explains the inconsistency in color tone. I could have converted them all to b&w, I suppose, but I like the rust color mixed in with the black paint.


  1. Interesting assignment, Mike. You got some good shots. I like the detail of the rust and the shallow DOF. Your last shot looks very similar to one of your previous blog post. You might have a X collection starting!

  2. Great assignment Mike... I need to do the same... Thanks for a great idea.

  3. This is a nice set, and a well presented assignment. In American cities, I guess there are hundreds of these hydrants all over the place... so many so that they become invisible. UK hydrants are even more invisible as they are under man-hole covers. I think you have photographed this object in easily enough detail for someone such as myself to produce engineering design drawings of some detail.

    I do like your images of engineered objects.