Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Short Cuts

Playing around with the school camera today, not too happy with the quality, so I cheated a little and did some post processing in Nik Color Efex to bring out the clouds and the contrast here. If I didn't tell you I cheated would you know? I did try to bring it down to a more natural look, but my eye gets a little jaded while editing...They are NOT desaturated or B&W  - the building is dark gray and it was a gray day in NY.


  1. Interesting facade. I like the gray in the picture and only because I have done it a lot of times I see the contrast in the sky is a bit starker then it comes out of the camera. Perhaps still a bit more brightness in the facade. But as picture very acceptable.

  2. Nice gray color in the buildning.
    It really seems very dark day..

  3. Me gusta mucho la foto de arquitectura y concretamente de edificios con múltiples ventanas.

    No sabría averiguar que la foto la has tratado para resaltar las nubes con el programa si no nos lo hubieses contado