Monday, April 6, 2015

Cross Beams on GWB

After another bleak and dreary, record-cold, and snowy winter, spring has finally arrived. Dipping my toes back into a little blogging, can't promise it will be sustainable over the next couple of months, but one day at a time. I'm off this week on spring break and then school gets a little crazy - but at least it's warm enough and the days long enough now to walk around and take some pictures.

I have been working on portraits with my photography club at school, I may post some examples over the next few days and possibly beyond - it's a new thing for me and a learning curve, but I am enjoying it. Just need to get permission form the subjects to post.


  1. Still on your minimalistic photo approach, but thats the way a real portfolio is created. Keep a sturdy track. Nice to see some new work MG.

  2. Thanks s.c. Look forward to seeing what you've been up to....