Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top 25

Unisphere, 2012

I started a different kind of blog over on wordpress. It's a hodgepodge of personal observations, activities, and naval gazing.

I uploaded my top 25 favorite photos from this blog, and I will maintain the number of photos even though the content will likely change as new pictures become favorites and displace older pictures. I would be curious of your thoughts - there are probably picks among my favorites that others think of as real stinkers, and shots that didn't make the list that others think were superior to the ones I included.

The above photo would be number 1 one if I were ranking them. It's not perfect and I wish I had stayed with it a little longer, but how often do I say that? The two boys on the left are distracting, but this is the shot that had the perfect outstretched arms of the boy in the middle, so there's the trade off.


  1. Great great shot . I think I have seen it before on your blog. But different then your later shots.

  2. Thanks s.c., not a common style of shot for me, that's true.