Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lincoln Center Surveillance Camera

I went back for this shot this morning after messing it up earlier in the week (it's more or less on my way to work). The morning light on the face of the building works better than the evening light behind the building. This is a pretty high surveillance camera at the top of Avery Fisher Hall and shot with a 400mm equivalent focal length (250 x 1.6 for APS-C).


  1. Ah yes, that works for me as it could double for a golden-calf like symbol (a "Monstranz" - ostensory?), which it certainly is for the security community.

  2. Hair must be in order when the camera takes the picture from the top :)
    I would also like to go again to photograph something my "old" photo, but often it is impossible.

  3. Looks like the sun on top of a south american temple . Like the effect of the tele lens. Nice one

  4. Really great shot! I like the angles and the contrast of colors.

    For months I've tried several times to see your blog but I wasn't able until now. I thought you stopped blogging. Strange?

  5. Thanks everyone - I had a couple versions and I chose this one because it also reminded me of some sun-god-like structure, so I'm glad it wasn't just my imagination.

    James - Welcome, and I don't know what happens with blogger sometimes. I do go on hiatus a lot when I get bogged down in the school year, but the blog stays up, so it shouldn't have disappeared.