Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sunny Afternoon Tulip Peeking

Bright enough today to do a little macro inside a tulip this afternoon. Impossible to get everything in sharp focus without using tricks--like focus stacking, which I am not ready to deal with.


  1. You cropped or made the picture so that I first thought , he used a red background but of course the tulip is red and you are looking at the middle of the flower. Great macro and very good colors . One for your book again.

  2. Thanks s.c. Yes, a red tulip, in the field. I did minor cropping for compositional considerations - the G15 focuses within 1cm of the subject so I didn't need to crop for the magnification - I literally stuck the lens inside the cup-like petals to get to the sexy parts.

  3. The non symmetrical elements make this picture so interesting. One is looking for details in the details.