Thursday, May 8, 2014

B-sides: Salt Reserve

NYC Department of Sanitation mountain of salt, replenished and ready for next winter. There is this inexplicable, perpetual pool of water outside the storage area, making for an unintentional reflecting pool.

Shooting through a chain-link fence is probably on one of those lists of clichés , but what the heck - everything's a cliché when there are probably close to half a million photos per minute uploaded to the internet.


  1. And again one in the top half of those million per minute. If you are getting sick of my comment say so but I admit that you have mostly always strong good compositions. Well done again.

  2. Always appreciate your comments, s.c.!

    1. This one works really well. The huge depth of field holds the focus on everything close up and far away. Very Very effective.

  3. The symmetry is doing wonders in throughout this picture.