Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Lights on 181st Street

Whatever and however you celebrate. For me it's about nothing more than being with friends and family and expressing love and gratitude through gatherings and gift-giving - an ancient and probably universal, instinctive impulse. At work the last day of school before break is little more than a party, and much as I sometimes complain about the inability to get anything substantive done, I should recognize it as an important social bonding ritual. My students crave this time with one another, but they also like to show their appreciation to teachers as well, and to spend a some time interacting with us as human beings rather than just taskmasters. It takes a really mean spirit to squash that energy going into that last week in the name of covering superficially another chapter in the already mindlessly broad biology curriculum. And my students are really wonderful human beings.

Back at home I enjoy the family get-togethers and of course the down-time that arrived not a moment too soon this year - a much needed break to decompress and to spend some time with the kids.

Not much time for shooting pictures this week. The above photo was taken a few weeks ago as part of my assignment to the photography club to take pictures with winter/holiday themes. It has a black border because it was prepared and uploaded for printing to go with our winter exhibit.


  1. Happy Christmas... to you and yours.

  2. Also a happy Christmas and hope to see your blog back in the new year.

  3. Thanks guys, same to you, and tomorrow my only agenda is to shoot some pics :-)

  4. Nicely stated sentiments about the season. Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent images in the coming year.

  5. That is a beautiful job at exposer and framing... I hope you had a wonderful Christmas ... and have a great and safe New Years... Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in 2012 =)