Sunday, January 17, 2016


Started another project a couple weeks ago to keep myself on task in terms of taking pictures. It's the 365 challenge, and the format of the website forces some discipline - they only allow one picture per day, and they keep stats on your progress - number of pics, number of days in a row, length of your current streak.

Of course there will be days when I want to post more, and days when I don't really want to post anything, and that's part of the challenge. You gotta post something or break your streak. Even on bad days I try to find something interesting, even if it's a macro of something lying around the apartment.

Anyway, this is one I was going to post but I had other shots that day I liked better (including the previous shot, after the storm).


  1. And then to think that Mondriaans painting Boogie Woogie is based on streets and views like this. Nice one MG.

  2. This photo is really nice. The perspective is amazing.

  3. I like how it leads the eye in an unexpected direction from corner to corner. I like this a lot.