Saturday, September 13, 2014

European Beech

A beautiful specimen in Ft. Tryon Park with a diameter at base of almost 2 meters.This is where it splits off into 3 major branches, Rainy day with wet and dry spots on the bark.

*Cannot get this to look on blogger the way it looks in photoshop - even when I take it to a ridiculously dark and contrasty setting in PS it still looks washed out here - the blacks aren't black enough and in this picture the tonality is especially important. Oh well.


Blogger is linked to google+ and Picasa in a convoluted way that I won't even try to explain. The important thing is that google+ has an image "auto enhance" feature that is on by default and applies to both google+ and Blogger images. I turned that off and re-uploaded the image with tones that look right on my monitor.


  1. Nice you give a comment otherwise it is a nice study in light and shadow, white,grey, black and balance in composition. Perhaps thats also the intent of the maker.

  2. Very beautiful and very special photo.

  3. Texture, light and colors come together into a beautiful picture. It would be probably worth it to see it enlarged.