Sunday, July 20, 2014


A strip of low-rise office buildings along my bike route in Ft. Lee, New Jersey. All top out at 2-3 stories in height. Glass, concrete, metal. A little composite material here and there.

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  1. You manage to make very simply designed (and possibly unadventurous) architecture look interesting.

    I suppose my brain is attracted to the simplicity of lines, diagonals, forms and color tones. But then again, that is what architecture is... making living/working spaces more attractive and efficient.

    Photographically, I like #1 and #4 the best. In #1, I like the composition of the diagonal lines, which are so clean and crisp. The colors work very well here. In #4 I like the perfect parallels of lines, with no sign of divergence. I guess this was taken with a longer lens.