Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Tires

Daily assignment subject - "Commute."

I decided I would not let a little snow or ice stop me from biking to work this winter, so I bought some snow tires and with some care they are doing well on ice and snow except for one exceedingly steep (but short) section of a hill on the bike path, which - owing to its steepness and the fact that it's a bike/pedestrian path - the city doesn't care about or bother to salt and sand - it's treacherous on foot or wheels.

Fresh snow today on top of ice today made it a little easier, actually.


  1. We don't have steep hills here but the bridges are a second best for slipping away with your bike. Even with salt and sand you have to look out. Nice detailed shot again of your tire . I like it.

  2. A rather abstract composition at first - before everything starts to "fall into focus", so to speak. The conditions here have been abnormally icy, preventing me from even thinking about getting on a bike.