Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chain Ladder

A little gritty black & white for a change. I don't imagine they would even think of building a new playground with these things for kids to climb on.

G15 again. I could be using the "big" rebel this weekend but I just want to get comfortable with the workings of the little guy.


  1. Makes no difference for us lookers to your pictures. Impossible to see with what camera but you can see what photographer.. Well done Micheal. like it.

  2. Do they still allow kids to play on these? I'm kinda surprised they haven't been removed already. Btw - like the b&w ones when you do post them - always expertly rendered in terms of varying shades of grays on the b to w spectrum.

  3. You won't be able to keep away from the g15 but you will be automatically better with the Rebel because you will pay even more attention when using it.