Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I was thinking today about how I generally suck at landscapes, but I took this anyway because of the quality of the light in that opening where the bench is situated - I hope the effect comes through on your monitor, for me it depends on the angle at which I am viewing it - I need a better monitor!

We're having an unusually mild August in NY, a little below average but I think the last few years have been above average, so it feels a bit weird (in 2012 it was 87 F on this day, on 2011 it was 85, and today was 78, with the average at 84). A couple of nice rainy days as well recently leads to some pretty dense greenery.

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  1. Nice one Micheal. I saw in the new lightroom 5 a tool what does that for you. Its called a radiation filter or something and let an object come out of the photo by lighten it up and darkening the rest. But its of course better when it is already the real situation. Love the differences in the green. Always a pleasure to look at.