Friday, March 29, 2013

Google & Nik Software


Google bought up Nik Software, and offers the full collection of 6 plugins for $149. You can even get a discount on that, apparently, using coupons posted over at the Online Photographer. I downloaded the 15 day free trial, and so far it's kind of fun to play with, but I haven't been able to produce anything that is any better than what I can do in lightroom and photoshop.

I made two versions of the alarm clock, the one posted here is edited in Nik's Viveza. I then edited the same image in Lightroom. Some subtle differences, but I can't say one is particularly better than another. I realize that this is not a particularly challenging subject, and I am just playing around with it, but I did the same experiment with some landscapes (nothing I want to post) and again found not much to argue for the price, even at the current bargain rate - I have not played much with the Silver Efex Pro for B&W. I'll post something later on that.


  1. Great design of the clock radio set. Could play a role in mad men. I had a few years ago bought the nik collection and the only thing I use sometimes is silver efex pro and sharpener pro. For the rest aperture and cs6.

  2. I admire your determination working toward creating optimal images by trying the new tools being made available to us. I'm afraid I'm too lazy by nature, tweaking a bit in Lightroom and calling it a day in most cases. You're doing a great job of setting the bar higher for the rest of us, Michael.

  3. I spend a lot of time tweaking. I agree with you on the Nik software; most of the plug-ins are okay but I can get by without them. Except for Silver Efex... it is a high quality piece of code, which is nearly always part of my work flow. I do quite like Viveza, the 'structure' slider is quite effective.

    I used to use Lightroom, but haven't used it since working with Photoshop. I need that extra degree of control, , especially as I tend to work down to pixel level at times!

  4. Thanks guys, and I was thinking of you, Bill, with the Silver Efex - I still haven't shot any B&W that I cam happy with, maybe tomorrow depending on the weather. My workflow starts with Lightroom to bring as much as I can from the raw file, then I finish it off in photoshop. But you are certainly getting good results with what you do!

  5. Almost never reframe... and use only the levels from Photoshop though I keep my raw files handy in case of having to print for someone...