Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why We Shoot

Don't think I'll have time to get out and shoot today, but I frequently ask myself why I shoot particular images and even why I bother at all. I've read several blog posts over the last few weeks wondering the same thing. I thought I'd link to Kirk Tuck's ruminations on one aspect of his shooting habits that resonated with me:

Visual Science Lab: Angles and Color

I don't have any professional work that I'm practicing for, but I have days where I'm really just shooting to stay in shape for whatever unusual visual opportunity may arise later.

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  1. Why we shoot? It's a good question.

    For me it's a way of capturing images of the society around me... London and local. I have always loved old documentaries, pictorial records and archive footage of time long ago. I want to preserve images so that one day (maybe fifty years) people will have something to look at.

    I also feel like I am doing something artistic, in a sense. I am slowly working towards a style.

    It gets me out of the house, and pushes me towards a goal. It takes me to interesting parts of London.

    I feel involved with the world, and feel that I am adding something to it, as opposed to just passing through it.

    This all may be just pretentious nonsense... but I am enjoying my pretences.

    :) Bill